In the Middle East and North Africa, where people are often discouraged from sharing their personal troubles, brave viewers are speaking up on SAT-7 ARABIC programs. By sharing their struggles, as well as their victories and answers to prayer, they are encouraging an audience of millions to open up and receive healing in their lives.

In the MENA, sharing personal troubles can be seen as a sign of weakness. For this reason, many people suffer in silence, with no outlet to share, speak up, or ask for guidance.

However, SAT-7 ARABIC’s programs are a source of light – offering a platform for honest discussion, prayer requests, and sharing testimonies.


During live programs, viewers are encouraged to call in and share their testimonies or ask for prayer on-air. Viewers can also send their requests and testimonies via email or social media.

“It is so encouraging to see so many viewers respond and engage with Presenters, especially since society often discourages them to do so,” shares George Makeen, SAT-7 Arabic Channels Programming Director.

Presenters Mariam Kamal (left) and Mariam Joseph on the set of SAT-7 ARABIC’s women’s program, New Needle and Thread.

On a recent episode of the program Needle and New Thread, Samah* a mother of twins shared her testimony on her struggle to get pregnant.

“My husband and I tried to conceive for 20 years,” Samah shared. “I would avoid family and friends and situations where someone might ask me when my husband and I will finally have children. They had no right to ask about such private matters.”

When Samah reached the age of 42 the doctors told her it would be impossible. “I prayed to God for children and I finally submitted myself to His will.”

Shortly after her prayers, Samah began to feel dizzy, sick and lethargic. “I did many pregnancy tests in different labs just to confirm it because we were in disbelief. No one could believe that I was pregnant after trying for so long, and at the age of 42!”


On the praise and worship program Keep on Singing a viewer shared through Facebook how God freed him from addiction.

“Thank you for your prayers! God intervened in my life and liberated me from drugs, and now He is continuing His work in me. Please continue to pray for me, pray for protection on my eyes, my tongue, and my thoughts because I’m afraid of falling in sin again. The pressure is too much, and I need the Holy Spirit to continue in my relationship with God. I trust that He will answer your prayers for me.”


A recent series of episodes on the live program Speak Up addressed the issue of unemployment in the MENA and offered practical advice to viewers on how to achieve financial stability and employment.

A female viewer called into one of the episodes to thank the program for their valuable advice.

“I had applied for a job and during the interview I was asked about ‘the four Ds’. I hadn’t heard about them before, but I learned about them from one of your episodes and I was able to answer the interview question. Thank you for helping me to feel confident of myself during the interview.”

SAT-7 offers viewers both practical and spiritual guidance. By offering biblical insights as well as self-development guidance, our millions of viewers can benefit in all areas of their lives.


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