As the rest of the world seems to slow down over the summer, the SAT-7 TÜRK studio is a hive of activity. The seventh season of the Azeri program Pleasant Chat is almost complete and will continue to share the Good News with millions of Azeri people.

Stemming from the same roots, people in Azerbaijan and Turkey share a language, culture, and cuisine – although some differences have been introduced over the years. Millions of Azeri people live in Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Iran, which is why SAT-7 TÜRK is dedicated to producing and broadcasting Azeri programs.

Filming all 25-episodes of Pleasant Chat in five days has had its challenges. Months of research, prayer, and preparation have gone into the creation of every single episode. Aygün Çamsun, the Presenter and the brain behind the program, shares why it’s all worth it.


Aygün’s total reliance on God’s help and strength is obvious before we even start the interview. Having just finished filming five episodes over the past six hours, she is exhausted. Taking a seat, she begins to pray. She brings the interview before God and thanks Him for the opportunity SAT-7 TÜRK provides in reaching the Azeri people. Finally, she asks for strength and energy to do the interview.

Immediately, the tiredness seems to drop away and her passion for her work, and her people, shines through.

“I’m trying to serve my people, the Azeri people, in a way that is appropriate to our culture. I’m trying to share God’s love through informal chat and conversation,” she explains. “The Azeri and the Turkish folk are actually the same people. We speak the same language, we just live in different countries.”

Topics discussed on the talk show include God’s mercy, prayer, and sharing testimony. “God taught me everything I know, and I have to pass this information on, I have to share the Good News. If we don’t do this, how will people ever know?” Aygün declares passionately. “God loves Azeri people and we want them to know this.”


The production of the program really started four months ago, as Aygün began to pray about the themes for each episode and about who to invite on to the program as the guest speaker. Once God answered her prayers, she began to prepare the questions and answers over the phone, with guest speaker, Yegana Javadova from Azerbaijan. Together, they then practiced all 25 episodes over the phone.

Last Saturday, Aygün and Yegana met in person for the first time, to prepare for the full week of filming. They even go over the themes and questions in the studio, before the cameras start recording. “When we have guests from Azerbaijan, they can only stay for a week, so we have to do everything quickly. God gives us strength and energy; He makes things happen,” Aygün explains.


“I get very emotional when I think of everyone who supports our work here,” Aygün says, and becomes silent as the tears build up in her eyes. There is silence for some time, and once she is composed, she continues.

“I am forever grateful to God for everyone who supports us financially and with prayer. May God bless them all, they are sowing seeds for God. I am just very thankful. May God bless, them, protect them, and may they continue supporting SAT-7, so that everyone will have a chance to get to know God.”

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