Getting onto the Türksat satellite was a dream for many years before it became reality in 2014. Now Melih Ekener, the channel’s Executive Director, says “we see miracles every day.” Currently in their fourth year of broadcasting 24/7 on their own channel, it’s clear that Ekener and the team of almost 40 staff members are not losing momentum.

SAT-7 Executive Director Melih Ekener

“Getting on Türksat was just the beginning: we want to be one of the most watched channels in our country.”

Ekener’s passion is infectious; his faith evident as he shares his dreams for the future. He admits that some goals seem impossible or unattainable, but the team are not discouraged by this. “We present our goals to God with great humility, and we believe He will help us achieve them.”


Television is extremely popular in Turkey, and there is currently a boom in the country’s television industry.[1] As the only Christian channel available to millions in the country, SAT-7 TÜRK has an unprecedented opportunity to make available the message of God’s love.

Ekener and the team are doing all they can to make the most of this opportunity and compete with the most watched channels in Turkey. “We are constantly observing the top ten channels and seeing what it is they are doing different, so we can step up our game,” he explains. “This is how we set our goals and priorities.”

Since news and drama are the most popular types of program with Turkish viewers, the team are focusing their efforts on these areas. “In the past three years, we’ve been trying to set up our news centre. We have a lot of great ideas and stories.”


The small SAT-7 TÜRK team face daily challenges. With only 0.2% of Turkey’s population Christian, it is challenging to find fellow believers with the relevant skills such as script writing, presenting, and video production. The team also faces financial issues, with a limited budget that does not match the big dreams

The team must depend on God for the resources and connections they need to see their goals become a reality. However, with many miracles already witnessed, the team is not daunted. They continue to push forward with full faith that one day, what now seems impossible will be achieved.

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[1] Turkey ranks second in TV series exports, Hurriyet Daily News

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