On Good Friday, SAT-7 TÜRK will broadcast an Easter message of encouragement and call to unity to viewers in Turkey, from the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church and Apostolic Vicar of Istanbul, Monseigneur Rubén Tierrablanca González.

“We recently received a wonderful request from Monseigneur Rubén, who kindly wanted to share his Easter message with us and our viewers,” says Melih Ekener, Executive Director of SAT-7 TÜRK. “His message is aimed at Christians from all denominations, and we are sure it will be an inspiration to all who watch it.”

In his 15-minute message Bishop Rubén will encourage viewers by addressing the role of the Christian faith during this pandemic. “The problems we are experiencing, whatever they may be, will never be greater than our faith. We will never be alone, God never abandons us, the heavenly Father never abandons his children.”

This Easter, due to the coronavirus, churches in Turkey will remain closed, abiding by government health regulations. Nevertheless, the churches have been looking for alternative means of remaining in contact with people over the past couple of weeks, including broadcasting via SAT-7 TÜRK.

Under these circumstances, speaking on SAT-7 TÜRK, Bishop Rubén will advise viewers to use the opportunity to communicate within the family, emphasising the value of listening to children and elders, He will also remind viewers to love one-another. “Brotherly love is the testimony of God’s love in the world. We are the witness of the love that the heavenly father has given us in His son, Jesus Christ” he says.

There are many Christian denominations which vary in history, tradition, and culture, reflecting the complexity and diversity of humanity. This year, however, Christians across the globe will be celebrating Easter, Christ’s death and resurrection, in the same way – isolated in their homes. Broadcasting on Good Friday, Bishop Rubén’s message encourages Christians from all backgrounds and denominations to accept one another, to support and encourage one another.

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