Sat-7 Supports Viewers Through Thick And Thin

SAT-7’s Audience Relations teams provide one-to-one support to hundreds of viewers via telephone calls or messages, often becoming a vital source of prayer and guidance during difficult times. The staff are filled with joy as they witness God’s transformational work in the lives of people in the Middle East.

“When I started in this role, I found the struggles of viewers overwhelming,” remembers Rahel*, who works in SAT-7 PARS’ (Persian-speaking) Audience Relations team. “Sometimes I wept and could not sleep at night.”

Behzad agrees: “It is hard to avoid being drawn in. When I take a case on, the first thing I do is to commit the person to God. The responsibility is not mine to carry. Still, there are those I pray for in my own time.”


The Persian-speaking team is made up of believers who grew up in Iran, so they are familiar with many of the struggles that viewers are facing.

“My own life experience helps me to understand others,” explains Mitra. “I remember where I came from, and the things that happened to me. I don’t judge people. I empathise with them and draw on my one and only resource: God Himself.”

“Some time ago, while going through a hard time, I asked God: ‘why me?’” shares Rahel. Now I understand that God allows us to go through tough times to build our perseverance and to enable us to comfort others in their suffering.”

Although the counsellors’ insight helps them to maintain some distance, the stories remain painful. Rahel explains: “I feel their pain and sometimes weep seeing their isolation and helplessness. My own powerlessness in the face of their problems makes me bring their issues to the Lord, fully trusting in His love and compassion.” 


Despite the difficult stories they hear on a daily basis, hope is a recurring theme for the team.

“I have learned to see people with the eyes of hope,” Mitra shares. “It is only my faith that gives me hope. By pointing viewers to the Lord, and helping them to put their hands in His, we help them to move forward and be transformed.”

“There will always be difficulties, but the important thing is that people realise who they can depend on in their trouble,” Rahel observes. “We encourage them to trust in God alone and to know that He loves them.”


The team are continually encouraged by the transformation and miracles that they are able to witness as they walk with viewers through various struggles.

“I speak to women who think God no longer loves them, but I am able to share the message of God’s forgiveness with them,” Rahel shares. “They weep and experience a mixture of joy and shame, because they see themselves as they are, with their burden of sin before One who is the embodiment of sinless perfection. And yet He loves them! Then, their hearts soften, and they receive healing and freedom. I have immense joy, because I regularly see God doing amazing things!”

“There is one woman I supported who seemed to know no boundaries,” Mitra remembers. “We spoke once a week for about a year and I am amazed how God has worked in her and who she has become. She has changed in every way; in her speech, her dress, and her relationships. Even her children, who had no time for her, have changed their mind about her. These things are a delight to me.”

Please consider donating to SAT-7 today. When you give, you provide one-to-one prayer support for isolated and persecuted believers in the Middle East.

*All names changed for security purposes.

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