SAT-7 recently received a beautiful letter from Ayman* in Morocco. Ayman shared how our early broadcasts comforted him at a difficult time, sparking a desire for God that has remained with him for almost two decades.

“I’m writing you this letter to tell you the true story of how I met you for the first time,” he wrote. Ayman shared the struggles he went through as a teenager, saying:

“Back in April 1998, I was ill with kidney problems and in hospital. I was 14 and I couldn’t play football or basketball. I had never had good friends, or a girlfriend, in my life.”


This was a very lonely time for Ayman. But through the power of satellite, SAT-7 could beam God’s love even into his hospital room. Ayman remembers,

Part of Ayman’s handwritten letter

“Every single day, I watched SAT-7 between 4.30PM and 6.30PM. I remember the songs – how could I forget this beautiful, heavenly music from God?”

Ayman’s memories of experiencing the beauty of God through SAT-7 have spurred him to find out more about Christianity today. He wrote:

“I wish to thank you for this. Eighteen years ago, when I was alone in that room, I was looking for God’s love and a better life. Now, I have an Arabic Bible and Christian books, so I can do my research.”


In 2016, SAT-7 celebrated 20 years of sharing God’s love with viewers in the Middle East and North Africa. The year Ayman found SAT-7 was the year we bought our very first camera for our own productions.

We love to hear the stories of viewers who have been with us since the beginning, many of whom began watching at a young age. Please pray for Ayman and others who found SAT-7 as children, that the seeds of hope planted by our programs will blossom into personal relationships with God and be fulfilling in their adult lives.

*Name changed for security reasons. Image is for illustrative purposes.

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