Statement from SAT-7 CEO Rita El-Mounayer:

We at SAT-7 are deeply shocked and grieved by the events we are witnessing in the Holy Land. We can barely comprehend the pain, horror, and loss that young and old alike are suffering.

Our hearts go out to all those caught up in the fighting, especially to those whose lives have already been changed forever, by the loss of loved ones, or by injury and trauma.

SAT-7 is monitoring the unfolding crisis, and our channels will support our viewers, wherever they are, through live programs and social media throughout this desperate time.

One mother contacted our viewer support team to say:

“My children and I locked ourselves in our home, trembling at rocket sounds but finding peace in prayer and trusting in God’s love and protection. Please pray for us, SAT-7. We are having constant online prayer meetings to stay united and comforted.”

We urge you, our friends, and supporters, to join us in prayer:

  • For the immediate cessation of violence
  • For comfort and strength for everyone affected by the violence
  • For peace, justice, and freedom for the peoples of the Holy Land
  • For the next generation throughout the region to turn their hearts to peace instead of violence and hatred

Thank you for your prayers. May God bless you.

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