As SAT-7 viewers hear of Christ’s love and power, they are finding healing and freedom. Samira* shared her story with our viewer support team: “I was born into a poor family with a father who was an addict and very abusive. I started looking for direction in spiritualism and Buddhism but no matter how much I searched there was no satisfaction or peace. My problems were getting worse day by day. I always felt hopeless and alone with no one to support me…

When I heard that Jesus called God ‘Abba, Father’ it really touched my heart. My earthly father never supported me! I gave my heart to Jesus while watching a programme on SAT-7 and although I am still surrounded by different kinds of problems, I now have such a supernatural profound peace in my heart.

“I know that Jesus is in my life and looks after me. I owe my life to Jesus; all I have is His.”

Will you help more hurting people like Samira find healing and freedom? A gift of €50 would enable SAT-7 to reach and respond to 30 people every day for a year. Our programs tackle an array of specific problems – from domestic abuse to post-natal depression; war zone trauma to bereavement – and our viewer support teams are available to offer a listening ear, advice and prayer.

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