As spring begins, many in the Middle East celebrate Mother’s Day, an important event that celebrates all women, not only those with children. Flowers and presents are exchanged between daughters and their mothers, mothers-in-law, sisters, and aunts, and even between friends.

In a special video aired on SAT-7 and produced by partner Dana Productions, grandmothers share stories from their lives with their granddaughters to inspire them and give them real-life examples of how they can respond to challenges.

One grandmother shares with her granddaughter how the challenges of the Syrian war made her a stronger woman.

“When the terrorists entered Aleppo they took everything, and nothing was left. Since then I changed from an average person to a strong one,” she says.

Another grandmother shares, “As a young girl I grew up hearing nothing but ‘no’ to everything I wanted to do. This created in me a rejection of the situation. I wondered why a woman couldn’t be free.”

She encourages her granddaughter to speak up and not be afraid, and to remember how David was a young shepherd yet with God’s strength he won a brutal war.

In appreciation of mothers on their special day, SAT-7’s Arabic Audience Relations team also sent out a virtual card to viewers.

“This year has been so difficult for all mothers having to bear the responsibility of online schooling, fearing for their children’s emotional and physical health, and providing for their households. We want to thank all the mothers in a heartwarming way, sending them a card as a private message on Facebook with a message of love and appreciation,” says Arabic Audience Relations Manager Marianne Awaraji.

Many women who received the card responded thanking SAT-7.

According to Marianne, who is also a Presenter on SAT-7 ARABIC and SAT-7 KIDS, women viewers engage with her expressing how SAT-7 programs give them hope in troubled times. One viewer called Marianne’s show Allo Marianne and shared that she had lost her mother when she was a baby and wanted to wish Marianne a happy Mother’s Day, because she had been like a mother to her whom she loves and looks up to. She also sang a song for mothers live on the show.

“I was in tears when I got this message,” Marianne said.

This year, Mother’s Day comes at a critical time where a proposed law in Egypt is threatening to reduce women’s rights in marriage, travel, and even custody of their children without a male permit.

Please pray especially this weekend for mothers across the Middle East.

The card sent to viewers for Mother’s Day. It reads, “God praises you today for you have the most precious, beautiful heart of sacrifice, giving, and perseverance. Happy Mother's Day. "… But a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised" (Proverbs 31:30)”.


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