Imagine a reality in which the majority of Iran’s population is Christian: a country where Abraham* can wake up in the morning and read his Bible; where Sara* can go to church and worship without fear of persecution. How would it contrast to today’s Iran? What would be different? How do Christianity and rich Persian culture combine and complement one another? These are a few of the questions that inspired the thirteen days of Norooz programs for SAT-7 PARS.

The festivities began with a special pre-recorded Norooz show, which aired on Monday, 20 March 2017. The team and viewers joined together in the exciting count down to the Persian New Year. Pastor Miltan Danil and SAT-7 PARS Presenter Sally interviewed several of the channel’s regular guests to find out how they and their families celebrate Norooz, within and outside Iran.

“Though we no longer live in Iran, I feel it is important to celebrate Norooz, especially now that we have a daughter – we want her to feel connected to her roots,” says Producer Moe Pooladfar.

Norooz is a time spent with family and friends. For thirteen days, people all around Iran travel to visit their relatives and celebrate together the arrival of Spring and the New Year. SAT-7 PARS is broadcasting a special program called Seven on every day of Norooz, exploring the meaning of the festival and encouraging Iranian Christians who celebrate the New Year abroad. The program reflects the unity of Persian society across the region and internationally. It also shares a Christian point of view on Norooz and its traditions.


Perhaps the most important Norooz tradition is the “Haft-Seen” table which is comprised of seven items that start with the Persian letter “S” and symbolise spring and the beginning of the New Year. In the special A Girl’s World episode, Presenter Parastoo Poortaheri explained the tradition and took her viewers shopping for her show’s Haft-Seen table. She taught her young audience how to colour eggs, a fun custom of the New Year. She also instructed them how to make biscuits out of simple ingredients: Parastoo says that even those who are less fortunate can join in with these activities and enjoy the spirit of the Norooz festivity.

“As we clean and prepare our houses to celebrate Norooz and everything that is good and new, we want to make sure that our hearts are also clean to start a new beginning with Christ,” says Parastoo.

*name used for narrative purposes.

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