Realising the need to present healthy Christian teachings to young believers, SAT-7 ARABIC’s new program QA in Christian Faith answers the questions of troubled young adults in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Ongoing political turmoil, terrorism, and violence have drained the economy of many countries in the MENA. This in turn has caused anxiety and stress among young people of the region, shaking their faith and hope for the future. The faith of Christians and non-Christians alike has been put to the test, and many are frustrated, not finding answers in their religious institutions. Some even decide to give up on their faith and become atheists.


The young people of the MENA are in need of guidance, encouragement for the future, and answers to their questions about their faith. Realizing this need, SAT-7 Producer Andrew Gamal created the program Q & A in Christian Faith.

The apologetics program, through five minute episodes, explains the basic foundational concepts of the Christian faith. These bite-sized segments are quick and comprehensible, and can be accessed via social media, as well as being broadcast on SAT-7 ARABIC.


“It is important to equip young people with true knowledge about their faith,” says Gamal. “Many of them are being approached by non-Christians with questions about Christianity, and they do not have the right answers.”

Gamal explains his vision for the program to be easily accessed by youth on social media. The short clips are useful to answer enquiries, and the Coptic Orthodox priest caters to the majority of Christians in the region who are Coptic. “The choice to have a Coptic Orthodox priest will complement other apologetics programs on the channel, that feature leaders from other denominations,” explains Gamal.

The questions addressed on the program range from whether the Holy Bible is distorted, what it means that Jesus is the Son of God, if Jesus Christ is God, what are God’s characteristics, and more.

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