SAT-7 launches first program made by Tunisian Christians

SAT-7 will provide a new platform for Christians in Tunisia who are “passionate and eager” to share their faith with their society. As the country prepares to mark the tenth anniversary of the start of its “Jasmine Revolution” on 17 December, SAT-7 ARABIC announces its first two new programs produced by Christians in Tunisia.

Christmas in Tunisia and a discussion show entitled Standard Talk will be the first productions made by Perpetua, a new Christian production team in Tunis that is equipped and supported by SAT-7.

George Makeen, SAT-7 Arabic Channels International Director, says the Tunisian team is significant in several ways. “It is exciting to see a small, but active Tunisian Church of believers from non-Christian backgrounds, eager to go on screen and communicate with their society,” he says. “They come with the passion to produce programs in different genres and to build capacity for the future. They are ambitious and optimistic.”

Secondly, Makeen says, “Tunisia is seen as a model by many in the Arab World. Christians coming from this culture, which is more empowering of women and tolerant of freedom of expression than elsewhere, can inspire the rest of the Arab world through their messages and faith.”

The Tunisian team takes its company name, Perpetua, from one of the first North African Christian martyrs, who died in Carthage in the third century. Working with freelance media professionals, they shot Christmas in Tunisia on location. The program examines the Christian meaning behind the cultural expressions of Christmas in the country, such as decorations and the exchange of gifts.

Standard Talk, which will air in the New Year, addresses Christian understandings of topics ranging from knowing God to family life. Both programs will go out on SAT-7 ARABIC alongside its extensive range of live and recorded programs from Egypt and Lebanon, a growing number of broadcasts from Algeria, and other shows commissioned from Christian partners around the Arab World.

COVID-19 restrictions are placing filming constraints in parts of the region this year. However, SAT-7 ARABIC has already filmed some Christmas highlights. These include two special worship concerts with evangelical and Coptic Orthodox choirs in Assuit, Upper Egypt, an oriental jazz concert, and a special Christmas program from Algeria. Live services will also be broadcast from leading churches in Beirut and Cairo.

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