Michael’s* story is one of the most amazing moments in a decade of SAT-7 KIDS broadcasts. The channel has strengthened countless families, but in this case God did something incredible – the team reunited Michael with his estranged father.

In 2014, seven-year-old Michael had not seen his father for three years. After his parents’ marriage broke down, Michael and his mother moved from Egypt to Hungary, losing all contact with his dad. Desperate to contact Michael, his father Adham* wrote to the presenter of Why is That?, a show his son loved.


“Please, Mr Know, pray for us,” Adham wrote. “Pray that I will be able to see my son or at least talk to him. I don’t know how I will see him after all these years, but I am sure God will do the impossible.” Mr Know prayed for the family live on Why is That?, and the SAT-7 KIDS team also prayed. But God worked more quickly than anyone imagined. Miraculously, Michael was watching that very episode. He also wrote to Mr Know, asking to be put in contact with Adham. To their joy, the two were soon able to speak.


After their life-changing telephone call, Adham wrote to SAT-7 KIDS to express his gratitude, saying: “Praise God, I spoke with Michael and he told me how much you’ve encouraged him… I can never thank you enough. May God bless you, and may you be a blessing to many [others]. Truly God is good and able to do much more than we think or imagine.” Michael also contacted the program. “I was very happy when he called me,” he wrote.

“We thank Jesus for His love because He gave me a way to speak with my father through SAT-7 KIDS. Thank you for your prayers… please pray for me to see my father soon.”


Michael’s prayer was answered when Adham travelled to Hungary. They spent three wonderful days together, and Michael’s mother has agreed that future school holidays would be spent in Egypt. The reunion has had a profound effect on Michael’s faith. “This experience has taught me to be confident in God’s promises,” he said. “I can’t describe the extent of my joy when I saw my father. Thank you Lord… Truly Jesus still does miracles.”

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