As the coronavirus pandemic forces churches and schools in the Middle East to close their doors, SAT-7 KIDS’ live shows – which the channel is prioritising – and social media presence are a source of hope, support, and health information for Arabic-speaking children and their parents across the region.

“I want to say to everyone around the world not to be afraid of the virus, because God is with us and He protects us,” says 10-year-old Emmy from Cairo, Egypt, who called in to a SAT-7 KIDS’ worship show. On the 14 March episode of Family of Jesus, which is one of several SAT-7 children’s live shows continuing to broadcast, presenters encouraged viewers to spread peace as much as possible at this uncertain time.

“In this time of fear, everyone is afraid of many things,” says presenter Chris. “But we want to say to everyone: Don’t be afraid. Now is your chance to enter into the family of Jesus. Many things around us that were once stable have been shaken. There are many dangers, but there is one solid truth, which is that the family of Jesus has peace, and they are steady in Him.”

Several other children called the show to pray and to encourage others. Presenter Mina Awny also gave advice on preventing the spread of the virus, including a demonstration of how children should thoroughly wash their hands.

A link to hope and normality

Both SAT-7 KIDS and the social development brand SAT-7 ACADEMY are prioritising maintaining live shows to support their viewers.

“We continue with our live programs, with a stress on the current situation,” says Juliana Sfeir, SAT-7 ACADEMY’s Brand Manager. “The programs will serve to encourage viewers and pray with them during this difficult time. During the live broadcasts, crew and team numbers will be restricted.”

From SAT-7’s studio in Egypt, the children’s live show Chato continues to broadcast alongside Family of Jesus, with both shows now produced without children who usually take part in the filming. From Lebanon, which is under lockdown, the popular gameshow Bible Heroes will continue, offering children a vital source of engaging spiritual learning while churches are closed.

SAT-7’s well-established social media presence is also a support to children during social distancing. In addition to the pre-recorded episodes of My School shown on SAT-7 KIDS, the teachers who present the primary-education program will produce Facebook Live broadcasts from their own homes. Parents will be supported by Dr Nada Mouawad, presenter of the education support show Follow Up, who will also use Facebook Live to give tips to viewers helping their children learn at home.

SAT-7’s channels for Arabic-, Farsi-, and Turkish-speaking adults also continue to broadcast at this time. For more information on SAT-7’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, please click here or contact Maia Woodward at

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