SAT-7 KIDS’ program Tomorrow is Better (Chato) participated in the children’s television awards of the PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL 2018 festival in Munich, Germany. Due to this recognition, SAT-7 KIDS has been invited to participate in the JAPAN PRIZE 2018 contest.

Out of almost 400 children’s programs submitted by other channels and production houses, Chato was selected to participate in the PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL 2018 festival finalists in Munich, Germany.

Since its inception in 1964, the PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL festival aims to “promote excellence in children’s TV.” SAT-7 KIDS was nominated for its work with children in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).


SAT-7 Egypt’s Executive Director Albert Fawzi and Chato Producer Andria Zakaria represented SAT-7 at the festival.

“The competition was tough,” shares Fawzi. “Many prominent children’s production houses and telecasters participated. We did not receive a prize this time, yet we gained a lot of experience and exposure to world-class children’s production and discussions on developing our work and impact.”

SAT-7 and other TV companies discussed the future direction of children’s programming, how to improve through techniques and approaches, and the impact of content on young audiences. Fawzi explains:

“We took this opportunity to network with key people in the industry for future collaborations and created awareness for SAT-7 and its work in the MENA.”


“This is indeed a great milestone for SAT-7 KIDS,” says Fawzi. Taking part in an internationally renowned festival created further awareness of SAT-7’s work, particularly for its newest initiative SAT-7 ACADEMY that provides complimentary education, promotes health, and invests in social development in the region.

What we do for kids is very important. We aim to give them hope for a better life and a better future,” shares Fawzi. “This festival was a stepping stone to the next level of serving our young viewers.”


At the conclusion of the festival, Chato received another invitation for a children’s television contest. JAPAN PRIZE sent a formal invitation to submit Chato for a possible nomination and award at the 2018 competition – which will be held at the end of October. JAPAN PRIZE, similar to PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL, is a contest showcasing educational media with the purpose of improving the standards of broadcasts through cooperation.

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