SAT-7 KIDS helps children be light to the world this advent

As Christians wait with anticipation to celebrate the birth of the Light of the world, the SAT-7 KIDS program Family of Jesus teaches children how to be like their Saviour – a light amid darkness, preparing the way for His kingdom in their own small world.

“Your program is wonderful. It is like Sunday School for the children. It makes a difference to them, and they feel that they are part of the bigger family of Jesus. God bless you and may you be light to all. The program also makes a difference to us parents. We love you, Family of Jesus.”

This comment was received from a mother who noticed a change in her daughter after she watched a series of special episodes of Family of Jesus. On the first episode, the presenters helped children feel empowered to be the light of Christ and not feel overwhelmed by the darkness they may feel is around them.

Mina asks, “How do we turn on the light?”

In a heartwarming make-believe telephone call during this episode, presenters Mina and Minty discuss what children can do about darkness. “Can we just make darkness go away with our words?” Mina asks Minty. “How about it we make fun of it? Shout at it to go away?”

No, says Minty, that won’t work. “There’s only one solution for it,” she says. “To turn on the light.”

“How can we turn on the light?” asks Mina.

“We are the light, Mina!” says Minty

“We are the light, Mina!” says Minty. “Jesus said in the Bible, ‘You are the light of the world’ in Mathew 5:14.”

In response to this exchange, children call in to share how they try to be the light of the world to others around them. Karen, a student in year eight, shared how she uses the Word of God to encourage her schoolteachers.

“Teaching is difficult, and teachers are facing many challenges these days, so my friends and I decided to encourage them by giving our teachers a special verse from the Bible every day, verses that we pray for and God sends us,” she says. Many teachers were encouraged, Karen explains, and asked her and her friends to continue sending them their verses.

Another viewer, also named Karen and the daughter of the mother who called in, shares her experience. “I try to reflect the light of Jesus in me at school by listening to my teachers and by being respectful to them. Then one day my Arabic language teacher, who isn’t a believer, commended me and other Christians to the class, saying, “Watch how she is obedient and learn from her.’”

Family of Jesus is presented by the members of a worship band, who also volunteer in different churches, traveling around Egypt and the Middle East to spread the love of Jesus and His Word.


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