SAT-7’s children’s channel has just celebrated its ten-year anniversary. Sunday 10 December was commemorated with a special live schedule featuring viewers’ positive comments, live calls from long-serving staff and management, and a special message of thanks to Him who makes this all possible.

Presenter Elie Awwad reflected on the subject of giving thanks saying:

“The most important thing is to thank the Lord at all times because He is with us even in our most difficult moments. We must thank God for everything, even for the sun that rises every day. He wants us to appreciate what He does for our sake.”

The program continued with a question and answer segment. The presenters prepared questions about giving thanks and encouraged children to call into the live program to share their answers. The presenters also picked children at random to send them presents from SAT-7 KIDS.


The celebration day was filled with calls from young Middle Easterners from all over the region, sending their congratulations to the channel.

“I love you so much! I want to sing happy birthday to you!” shared little Michael from Syria.

“Happy anniversary to SAT-7 KIDS! I want to thank you for the program Bible Heroes. I won three times on the Bible Heroes program game,” shared another young viewer from Egypt.

“Happy anniversary to SAT-7 KIDS. I pray all the programs are great this year. May the Lord bless you all as you make new programs,” said Sally from Palestine.

Many popular presenters, such as Rita Elmounayer from Bedtime Stories with Rita and Mounir Zakhary from Uncle Mounir’s Scribbles, shared their wishes and happy memories of the channel live on-air via Skype.

Presenter and Producer Mounir Zakhary reflects:

“It’s a wonderful day! I have been with SAT-7 for seventeen years. We started producing small clips for children on SAT-7 ARABIC, and later they increased to become their own channel: SAT-7 KIDS. This channel for children provides things that the world lacks such as true love, peace, and blessings. Children living in turmoil can find a safe place in SAT-7 KIDS. I wish them protection, safety, and God’s grace in these hard times.”


Presenter Elie Awwad and Marianne Awaraji from Let’s Sing Together discussed the values they want to plant in the hearts of their young viewers:

“Here in SAT-7 KIDS, we plant the word of God. In turn, it grows in the children’s hearts and bears fruit. I still remember all the things I learned in Sunday School,” said Elie.

“When I was a young girl I used to be afraid of God,” shared Awaraji. “From SAT-7, I learned that God loves us. I wanted to show this to the children watching SAT-7 KIDS. He is a God of forgiveness and love. I hope the children can have a strong, loving relationship with Him.”

If you’d like to positively impact a child’s life in the Middle East and North Africa, click here to give a special anniversary donation to SAT-7 KIDS.

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