SAT-7 is thrilled to announce that Toxic, our first feature-length film, is now available for travellers flying with Emirates, Qatar Airways, Saudia, and Kuwait Airways! The movie’s inclusion on the in-flight playlists of these major airlines means that tens of millions of travellers are now only a click away from encountering Christ’s message of forgiveness.

Maged Mounir, Executive Director of SAT-7’s Egypt office, said: “We are delighted that Toxic is now available to millions of travellers on these busy airlines, meaning that many more people will be introduced to the film’s message about the power of forgiveness. It also potentially acts as an introduction to the wider ministry of SAT-7, opening up the opportunity for people to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ through our other programs.”

Toxic, a thrilling Arabic drama about relationships, trauma, and forgiveness, was shot primarily in SAT-7’s studio in Cairo. It has been broadcast a number of times on SAT-7 ARABIC, with more showings scheduled throughout 2024, as well as being showcased at four film festivals.

But now that it has been selected for the libraries of the in-flight entertainment services of four international airlines, it is available to a much wider audience. For an idea of scale, Emirates’ passenger numbers for 2022-23 were over 43 million people.  [1] 

SAT-7 wanted to make Toxic more widely available and enlisted a distributor to approach other platforms with the film.

Toxic was funded in partnership with the Norwegian Mission Society (NMS) as part of SAT-7’s Current Affairs Project. Gro Smørdal, Director of Department MENA at NMS, said:

“In Toxic, we meet people with strong emotions such as love, hate, forgiveness, inferiority, and revenge. The film prompts viewers to consider what choices they have and how they should respond. Elegant, exciting, and reflective from SAT-7. As SAT-7 Partners, we feel so proud and excited that Toxic is available on major airlines such as Qatar and Emirates, and hope that many viewers will be impacted by its powerful message.”


Toxic is a powerful portrayal of human relationships, with a strong focus on violence and forgiveness. It represents the true stories of people from different cultures who go through traumatic experiences but refuse to give in to bitterness and revenge. These profound themes fuel a nail-biting narrative, produced to a world-class level, that will without a doubt have viewers glued to their screens.

According to the team behind the film, it was created to advocate for minority rights and peaceful coexistence, while promoting values such as understanding, empathy, and compassion.

Toxic’s characters include a woman who is rejected by society because of her appearance, a Syrian man who witnesses the killing of his father by religious fanatics, and a Jordanian woman who faces oppression and emotional pressure at a young age. Although their storylines are initially separate, surprising circumstances bring the characters together, allowing them to share their stories and learn how to forgive those who have wronged them.

Producer John Adly was keen not to portray forgiveness as passive or weak, but as a powerful force that helps people live a free and fulfilling life. “In their search for a cure, each character realises in the end that revenge cannot heal their souls,” he said. “Forgiveness is the way to overcome the harm done to them.”


> Thank God that major airlines are making Toxic available to their customers.
> Pray that the film will touch the hearts of many travellers with Christ’s peace and forgiveness.
> Pray that this film will draw many more people in the MENA to SAT-7’s other content.

[1] Emirates Group announces 2022-23 results

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