As Christians around the world enter this special month – when we pray for persecuted brothers and sisters – SAT-7 commends an important paper produced by an ecumenical group of Middle East Church leaders. “We Choose Abundant Life: Towards Renewed Theological, Social, and Political Choices” provides a framework to help the Church move beyond survival towards an active witness that addresses the region’s challenges.

“As a media ministry, driven by a holistic mission and eager to bridge the Church with its context, we were encouraged by the work of God’s women and men who produced this important document. We are inspired to see church leaders aware of the existential challenges facing Christians in our region, yet bold enough to challenge the Church to take the risk of being present as a witness,” says Rita El-Mounayer, SAT-7 CEO.

“We pray for guidance and joy as the MENA Church engages with these challenges and comes with answers of hope and peace, and as we continue to amplify the voice of the Church to share these values across the region.”

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