Today millions of Persians around the world will celebrate Norooz, the Persian New Year and the first day of spring. SAT-7 PARS is celebrating with a special Norooz program aimed at connecting with Persians around the world.

Norooz, which translates as ‘New Day’, is a special time for Persians to spend with family and friends, and so the SAT-7 PARS family has come together for a unique Norooz program. All the presenters of SAT-7 PARS live shows are participating in the show and taking part in fun quizzes. The presenters who could not be physically present in the studio will join by video call, so all are united around the world.


“We want to produce something so that Persian Christians can celebrate Norooz in a way that is relevant to their faith and know that their family around the world are supporting them and praying for them,” Producer Moe Pooladfar explains. “Viewers in Iran may be isolated from other believers, or if they live abroad, they may be isolated from friends and family.”

The hope is that all viewers will feel connected to their wider Persian and Christian family through SAT-7 PARS’ Norooz celebrations. One segment of the program ‘Norooz in London’ shows Persian families celebrating the New Year in the UK. Another segment features a live band playing traditional and familiar Persian songs.

In Persian culture, families traditionally set the ‘Haft Seen’ table at new year. Several items are placed on the table which are all symbolic of spring and renewal. As Persians gather to celebrate, the presenters sit around their own ‘Haft Seen’ table, again reflecting a sense of family and commonality between SAT-7 PARS and their viewers.

While looking forward to the new year with hope and expectation, the team also recognise that it has been a difficult year for many. “Many people lost loved ones, so we try to be sensitive and offer comfort and support,” says Moe.

Pastor Miltan, a familiar presenter on SAT-7 PARS, will lead viewers into the new year with prayer. Persian New Year does not strike at midnight but occurs at the exact time of the vernal equinox. The program will be broadcast at this time so viewers all around the world will be synced in celebration!


SAT-7 PARS’ usual programs will also have a Norooz theme throughout this week. Youth show 4-12 will be discussing the cultural traditions and history of Norooz, and how faith in God can help us start the new year with hope and passion. Pastor Miltan will be starting the new year with live praise and worship on Our Neighbourhood.

Traditionally, Norooz is a time for spring cleaning. Women’s program Insiders will be discussing how important it is that we do not just clean our houses but also clean our minds and hearts.

As Moe reminds:

“True renewal comes from renewing our minds with the word of God. As we start the new year, it is important to focus on His promises.”

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