Through satellite television, viewers of SAT-7 can learn important relationship skills from the Art of Family Communication Conference held in Shorouk, Egypt. Millions of people who could not attend, or access similar resources, can now watch the pre-recorded episodes on their televisions or through online streaming and learn to build healthy family relationships.

Despite an abundance of helpful resources and seminars aimed at helping couples communicate better, the vast majority in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) may not have access to them or lack the awareness to seek them out. Now, SAT-7 ARABIC is using the power of satellite television to make one such valuable seminar available to millions of viewers in the region.


A special broadcast has been prepared for the viewers of SAT-7 ARABIC. The SAT-7 Egypt crew visited a conference held in November 2018, at St Mary’s Retreat Centre in Shorouk City, Egypt. There, the team recorded a three-day conference called “Art of Family Communication”, with the purpose of creating a 16-episode series to air on the channel.

The speaker and expert on the art of communication, Adel ElSafir, discussed the foundations of good communication, encoding and decoding messages, active listening, emotional intelligence, misunderstandings, differences in patterns of thinking between men and women, and acceptance.

50 couples attended the conference, yet, millions more can watch these valuable lessons on the SAT-7 ARABIC channel and on the channel’s website and social media

“The program helps family members communicate better,” shares SAT-7 Producer Sherif Wahba. “Nowadays, families are growing further apart because of many distractions such as the race to get more income for the increasing expenses, social media, and personal ambitions.”


The home environment is where children develop character traits and values. Creating a healthy environment at home starts with parents and the communication between the couple, as well as with their child. How a child’s parents treat each other and speak with each other, will have a direct influence on the way the child views family life and marriage in the future. Furthermore, parents need to create an environment where children feel safe to express themselves and speak their minds.

“We hope this program will help parents to better understand their children and enjoy more personal communication with them,” describes Wahba. “Social media and peer pressure are having stronger influence over the minds of children and teens. Parents must understand that their children’s needs are different from their own when they were their age. This understanding will make them better communicators and help them have better impact on their children.”


Following the conference, organiser Malek Ibrahim shared with SAT-7 how participants expressed enthusiasm for the event and the lectures.

“We received very positive feedback from the attendees,” Ibrahim said. “They expressed that they were hungry for even more information and recommended the lectures to other couples.”

The organisers of the conference also received calls from couples who were in dire need of counselling. “Not all couples had troubles in their relationships,” shares Ibrahim. “But, one couple was in crisis and sought help. We provided them with the help they needed.”

The Art of Family Communication began airing on SAT-7 ARABIC in January 2019. We are excited to see the feedback, comments and questions from our viewers.

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