SAT-7 at COP27 | Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt

SAT-7 likes to be present at important events concerning Arab societies, so we sent a team from our Egypt office to cover the environmental conference, COP 27, recently held in Sharm El-Sheikh. This was the first time that the event was taking place in the Middle East.

The team attended for four days and conducted around 75 interviews with important figures from different nations and religions to talk about the conference’s role in increasing awareness of environmental issues and their importance. The message was that addressing these is not a luxury, as some people think, but is essential for the survival and flourishing of future generations.

Our questions focused on the role of religion in general, and the church in particular, in this work. Among our guests were Archbishop Samy Fawzy from the Episcopal Church in Egypt, the Archbishop of the Episcopal Church in Panama, and a representative of the ACT Alliance, which works on behalf of many churches to address world problems.

Comments from our interviewees included:

“If we read the biblical story once again, we need to retain our sense of stewardship, to take care of God’s creation that has been given to us.”
The Rt Revd Julio Murray, Bishop of Panama

“I think that one of the best things that SAT-7 can do is to help raise the voices of people engaging in the work… So when you know people who are doing projects that are making a difference, highlight those voices, bring those stories forward.”
Simon Chambers, Director of Communications, ACT Alliance

Reports from the team were included in two programs on SAT-7 ARABIC. Click below to watch one of the reports:

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