As Christians across the Middle East celebrate Easter, SAT-7 ARABIC will broadcast a wealth of special programs and church services. The team hope that as viewers of all denominations reflect on the life-changing resurrection message, they will be inspired to focus on what unites them and go deeper with God.

As well as live broadcasts from a number of churches, highlights of the coverage include programs exploring the meaning of Easter, daily devotions, music videos and concerts, and special episodes of regular live shows.


Programming Director George Makeen hopes the coverage will encourage viewers to think about the true meaning of their Christian beliefs, instead of focusing on what divides them from one another and from others in the region. He said:

“What should our faith mean for how we relate to our colleagues at work, to our kids, to God himself? We are trying to present new voices that can help viewers think through what their faith means here and now, how it can encourage them and lift them up emotionally. We want viewers to take their faith and their personal relationships with God to another level.”

By focusing the schedule around the weekend that includes Western Easter and Orthodox Palm Sunday, SAT-7 ARABIC will help viewers to feel they are all celebrating together.


From 29-31 March, viewers can enjoy From Passion to Resurrection, a talk show series exploring the meaning of Easter celebrations from different denominations. This light, accessible program looks at the theology behind traditions followed on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter itself.

Another special program, 24 Proofs of the Resurrection, will also be shown in the run-up to Easter and will explore the evidence for Jesus’ death and resurrection.


On 29 March, the channel aired a live broadcast from an unusual location – Roumieh Prison in Lebanon. During the service, Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara El Rahi will wash prisoners’ feet just as Jesus washed those of His disciples (John 13:1-17).

The channel will also broadcast several Good Friday services.

Then, on 1 April, SAT-7 ARABIC broadcast two live services – an Easter Sunday dawn service from the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Lebanon, and a Palm Sunday meeting from Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church in Egypt.

Two further services, one from an Orthodox church and one from an evangelical church, will be broadcast on 7 April.


Several regular live SAT-7 ARABIC shows will mark Easter with special episodes.

The worship music program Keep on Singing will include songs and prayers focusing on the joy and hope of the resurrection. Meanwhile, the teaching program Revisions with Maher Fayez will explore the theology behind it and what aspects bring together Christians from different backgrounds.

Throughout Holy Week, the channel will also show For You Easter 2018, a musical program. Viewers can also watch the “Jesus is my Lord” Resurrection Concert from Lebanon along with shorter music videos of Easter hymns.


Makeen hopes that this inclusive variety of programming will bring hope to viewers across the turbulent Middle East and North Africa region. He says:

“Things may seem gloomy and desperate in most of the Arab World. So, we need to think about why we are celebrating Easter and how it can give us hope in our lives. There is hope because we are worshipping a crucified Messiah who is the manifestation of God’s wisdom and power. These are big truths, strong truths that should make us feel that we are stronger than our problems. I pray that people everywhere are reminded of and encouraged by these facts.”

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