SAT-7: An Advocate

For many in the Middle East and North Africa, individuals face isolation for more than their faith. SAT-7 is more than a family of television channels: we are advocates.

Among Christians and non-believers alike, suffering from mental illness, or at times struggling with serious stress, depression, or emotional conditions, are means to be ostracised. Society dictates that individuals like this are being punished by God or suffer from bad spirits. Yet at any given time, 1 in 10 people are thought to suffer from a mental disorder. Areas affected by war, like Syria and Yemen, see the rate rise to 1 in 6 people.

Imagine being one of the millions of individuals left to feel isolated, abandoned, and forgotten? How should we respond according to the Word?

In an effort to share God’s love, SAT-7 has created many programs that address the taboo subject of mental health. SAT-7 TÜRK program Obstacle Overcomer bears light on the topic of handicapped persons through interviews that display the value of these individuals all while sharing God’s love.

Other programs, like Needle and New Thread, dedicate episodes to discussing these topics. In a recent episode, Needle and New Thread presenters had psychiatrists as guests on the show to discuss the topic of anxiety, fear, and even mental illness. Like all of our live shows, viewers were asked to call in. The calls that came through were eye-opening for viewers. Nader called to discuss his troubles with claustrophobia; Magdy, who takes pain killers for bone pain, asked if the chemicals in his brain would cause future bouts of depression. Yet another young woman from Cairo shared her fears. After the birth of her first child, she struggled with postpartum depression. It would require her getting medication and talking to a psychologist to get the help she needed. Now, she is pregnant again and fears that she will lapse back into depression. Regardless of the questions or concerns, presenters and guest speakers encouraged viewers through advice, prayer, and by listening to their concerns.

Through this program and so many others, SAT-7 encourages those suffering from mental disease, spiritual challenges, or medical issues. Together, we show them God’s love and teach them that they are so much more than their problems. We teach them they are loved, cared for, and wanted by God and the Christian community. SAT-7 shows that God cares for each individual and His Word provides direction, healing, and peace when and where social perspectives fail to meet human needs.

Thank you for helping us give people like Nader and Magdy hope through the love of God. For being advocates in a world that has us all believe that we are unworthy or less than whom we truly are: loved by God.

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