SAT-7 ACADEMY launches to excitement all round

The launch of SAT-7’s new educational channel has been met with a warm welcome from experts and viewers alike. In celebration of the launch, 1 September, the channel was introduced by an inspiring 10-day series of live shows featuring many distinguished guests.

The SAT-7 ACADEMY team celebrate the launch

Hosted by well-known presenter Milad Hadchiti, ACADEMY: More than Education aired for two hours each evening from 1 September. On its first night, several key SAT-7 staff members welcomed viewers to the channel and kicked off discussion on the channel’s “three pillars”: education, social development, and health. Over the following days, respected figures in Lebanon’s education, health, media, and development sectors joined the program to express their enthusiasm for SAT-7 ACADEMY.

Reflecting the channel’s commitment to providing content for children, parents, and educators, the show’s final episode also featured teenagers, mothers and fathers, and the teachers – from SAT-7’s popular primary school show My School – as guests.


Speaking on the live show, renowned school principal Sister Caroline Rai said:

“It’s an amazing idea … for a channel to offer this kind of holistic approach to education. So many people will respond to this initiative and love what is offered.”

Lebanese Archbishop Paul Sayah also praised SAT-7 ACADEMY’s holistic approach and positive ethos, saying:

Renowned “edutainment” scriptwriter Marwan Najjar highlighted SAT-7’s role in supporting teachers

“The values it conveys will impact behaviour in ethics, good manners, respect for one another, co-existence, and so on. We need those values in the Middle East, where one rejects the other for not being like him.”

Dr Raed Moshen, a marital and family therapist, commented, “It’s about time we had quality television!” Dr Moshen stressed that SAT-7 ACADEMY’s superior educational and psychological content will stand out from that of the few other non-entertainment programs in the region. He added, “I am sure this channel will succeed and be a role model for others.”

ACADEMY: More than Education also streamed live on social media and the first three episodes aired on SAT-7 ARABIC, reaching the millions who watch SAT-7’s longest running channel. Viewers responded with delight on social media, sharing their congratulations and commenting on the issues at hand.

“I wish more people in the media would talk about the importance of education,”

said one viewer.

The launch has also been picked up by multiple local news outlets.


SAT-7 ACADEMY, which carries the slogan “Learn today, achieve tomorrow”, will help to bridge the devastating educational gap in the Middle East and North Africa. Thirteen million children in the region are out of school, while those who are in classrooms are often not taught to think for themselves or extend tolerance to others.

The channel’s schedule includes a distinctive range of programs, including My School and iNEWS, a new youth-presented culture and current affairs show. A 14-episode series entitled Violence in School will show teachers how to counter bullying and help them to move away from physical methods of discipline. Subjects such as FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), HIV, sexual harassment, unemployment, and recycling will be covered in short, informative programs, with other shows utilising music and storytelling.

Further programming will be sourced from leading international broadcasters, including BBC Worldwide. This will enable viewers to access to high-value, edcational content covering various topics that SAT-7 cannot make itself, due to budget constraints.


Alongside the SAT-7 ACADEMY channel, SAT-7 has launched an e-learning platform on a new interactive website, Here viewers can watch programs on demand, customise their learning, and track their progress.

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