As a trusted source of information in the Middle East, SAT-7 ACADEMY now offers lifesaving advice amid the coronavirus pandemic. With an engaging approach to providing public health information, the social development brand’s new series of Expert Advice shorts and social media tips are helping viewers slow the spread of the virus.

Each Expert Advice clip offers important information for those affected by Covid-19, from the perspective of different experts, including a doctor, a psychologist, and an education expert. In the first clip, presenter Milad Hadchiti explains the importance of staying home in areas under lockdown and how to benefit from this time by staying positive.

Special guests and experts on health, education and parenting being filmed in front of a green screen.

The short, which was shared on social media as well as on SAT-7 ARABIC, received a strong response across the platforms. “A lot of people have been responding,” says SAT-7 ACADEMY Social Media Officer Santa Hawa. “They are saying, ‘You give the information in such a clever way.’ The clips are entertaining, but professional. They speak to people’s hearts.” On the first day the clip was shared, it reached more than 5,000 people on Facebook alone and was shared 80 times.

In addition to the Expert Advice series, a new, short health advice program named Dr Bee, which makes use of innovative green-screen backgrounds and infographics, kicked off on social media with its first episode focused on the novel coronavirus. “Dr Bee is made in a very creative way,” Hawa says. “It appeals to both children and parents, as well as other adults.” SAT-7 ACADEMY is also sharing graphic-form tips on social media, including guidance on how to talk to children about the crisis.

Both Expert Advice and Dr Bee have made a big impact on newer social media platforms, such as TikTok, shares Hawa. Many people have been sharing Dr Bee’s vital advice about social distancing and hygiene on Instagram.

While Lebanon is under lockdown, Hawa continues to run SAT-7 ACADEMY’s social media from her home. She has found that while the isolation is a challenge, there are positives to draw from the experience. “I feel like we are all much more connected,” she says. “We are talking to each other more. Caring about each other more, showing more compassion. This is a positive thing that we should shed light on and focus on. Especially we who are believers, who trust in God.”

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