Saghi’s Story – Rescued From Isolation

Saghi*, a viewer from Iran, felt isolated and vulnerable when she first turned to SAT-7 for support in desperate times. Her life miraculously transformed when she unexpectedly found comfort, support, and her own faith.

Saghi’s first message to SAT-7’s Audience Relations team was brief, simply saying that she wanted ‘to know Jesus better’. It wasn’t long before the team developed a trusting relationship with her, and she began to share her story.


“Most of my life has passed in poverty and loneliness,” reflected Saghi. “During my childhood I was teased and hurt by people. When I was just thirteen years old, I was married off to a much older man who had mental health issues.”

Saghi had one child before her marriage disintegrated and ended in divorce. Remarried, she had three sons and a daughter with her new husband.

Tragically, one of her young sons, a survivor of cancer, died in a road traffic accident. Subsequently, Saghi’s relationship with her husband became increasingly difficult, and he verbally abused her on a regular basis. It was during this period that Saghi reached out to SAT-7, despite fearing that her husband might find out.


Saghi’s feelings of isolation quickly faded as her relationship with the SAT-7 counsellors developed. God’s ongoing work of healing was reflected in one of her messages: “I believe God loves me and that’s why I have come to know about SAT-7.”

Another transformation had been quietly taking place that Saghi could hardly believe: “I want to tell you about a miracle; at one time if I asked my husband for money to buy bread, he would shout and swear before giving me the money.  Now, as soon as I ask him, without getting upset or even asking what I want it for, he gives me the money…I am so happy I don’t know what to do with myself! Do you remember when I was thinking of leaving home? I am so thankful to God that things have changed.”

Saghi continued to see changes over the months, and her messages became increasingly hope-filled: “My husband is changing every day. A man who once would swear at me if the state of the house wasn’t to his satisfaction, now quietly gets on and does the cleaning himself. He is so much calmer and I know I owe it all to our Heavenly Father and Saviour.”


Saghi knows who is behind the changes both within her and in her relationships and she wants to express her gratitude through how she lives her life: “Every morning I wake up with hope. I believe that my Lord Jesus is with me as I go about my day, and it makes me very happy.” 


SAT-7 exists to share God’s love with people like Saghi, who are searching for faith or struggling with many challenges alone. Saghi is just one of thousands of people in the Middle East and North Africa who contact SAT-7 for guidance, prayer, and support. Our 24/7 television channels provide encouraging and educational Christian television programs, and our dedicated Audience Relations teams respond directly to viewers who reach out with questions or requests. 

Please consider donating to SAT-7 today to support viewers like Saghi. 

*Name changed for security purposes. Image is for illustrative purposes.

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