Myriam captured hearts worldwide with her forgiving grace towards terror extremists. SAT-7 witnesses some of her dreams come true almost a year on.

One year ago little Myriam from Iraq took the world by a storm on a short video clip (above) where she forgave ISIS. They had forced her and her family out of their home. Now SAT-7 has visited the 12-year-old again.

Myriam’s loving nature remains unchanged. Presenter Mr Essam Nagy (‘Mr Know’) interviewed her and asked if she had a message to the leaders of the world, she says “fill your hearts with love and mercy.”


Essam, popular presenter of the SAT-7 KIDS program Why Is That?, travelled with a film crew to surprise Myriam at her new school in Erbil, Iraq. We wanted to keep connected with her and her family,” Essam says. “They have become part of our lives.”

Myriam was shocked to see Essam come through her classroom door. “I can’t describe my joy,” she says. “It was so unexpected and it warmed my heart.”


Essam met Myriam for the first time in December 2014. Her forgiving nature and grace touched hearts across the world.

Myriam shared three hopes she had during the interview: first, she wanted people to hear her message of forgiveness. Second, she longed to be reunited with her best friend Sandra whose family had fled to Lebanon. Lastly, she hoped to return to school.

By April 2015, Myriam’s message had gone global and SAT-7 KIDS reunited the youngsters over a video phone call during a live show.

Today, Myriam attends school and excels in her classes.


After being joyfully reunited with Myriam, Essam noticed the girl that was sharing Myriam’s desk. It was Myriam’s best friend, Sandra! Sandra’s family had decided to return to Iraq as financial difficulties made life in Lebanon challenging.

“When we found both girls in the same class sitting at the same desk, we sensed the impact of SAT-7,” Essam says. “SAT-7 has become a significant part of their lives.”

Myriam’s forgiveness continues to touch hearts and spread further across the globe. Tonight 18 December 2015, her interview will feature on ABC News “20/20” at 22:00 EST.