Rescuing Families

Families across the Middle East are crying out. In Syria, a mother struggles to find ways to comfort her children as they toss and turn while they sleep because of the violence they have seen. As his young daughter throws tantrums, an Egyptian father wonders how to discipline her in a Godly manner. Meanwhile, parents in Iran watch as their teenaged son struggles with drugs; an epidemic that is spreading rampant among the youth. A mother in Egypt prays to God as she watches her son stray away from his faith. How should these parents respond?

How should the SAT-7 community respond? Through sharing God’s love, offering a friendly ear, and sticking with parents as they raise the next generation.

For many families in the Middle East and North Africa, addressing questions about parenting can be difficult when very few resources exist. Parents struggle with the consequences as their children grow-up struggling with “being in the world but not of it.” It is tearing families apart! Yet, there is hope as God’s love shines brightly for parents with grown children and comes to the aid of young children through SAT-7 programs.

Now, there is an initiative that goes beyond programming. Through social media, SAT-7 is creating courses that support young families by providing guidance through online lessons, support groups, educational tests, and videos which answer difficult parenting questions.

During the next four weeks, see how SAT-7 will use this new initiative to reach parents in desperate need of guidance. Watch as God uses current SAT-7 programs to reach parents who feel as though they have failed to address the parenting concerns with which they have struggled.

It is your support that is helping to rescue families overtaken by the things of this world. From now until March 9th, a generous donor has offered to match $25,000.00 toward the efforts of SAT-7 to provide courses to families struggling with a variety of parenting questions. With support, this initiative will help young parents as they successfully maneuver the issues they wish could have been addressed sooner. Together, we are showing families that there is healing and reconciliation through Christ Jesus in new and far-reaching ways.

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