Rescuing Families: Maryam’s Story

Maryam’s family was spiraling into darkness. Although her two boys grew up hearing about Christ, the years of violence and drugs in Iran were taking their toll.

While walking home one day from university, Maryam’s first son was killed. The second son, Aria, seemed lost forever. Aria, together with friends, was under the influence of drugs when they committed murder. Imprisoned by Iranian authorities, he was found guilty and placed on death row. Maryam thought all hope was lost as she offered up her son to God. Surrounded by believers and SAT-7 programs, all she could do was pray. Yet, God acted.

While SAT-7 and fellow believers helped Maryam build her faith, a close friend and pastor was serving six years in prison for his belief. It was the same prison in which Aria was detained. Over the next five years, Maryam’s dear friend discipled and prayed with Aria, leading him to Christ. When her friend was released several months ago, he eagerly shared this with Maryam. But what did this mean for God’s plan in Aria’s life? Surely, God wouldn’t tear apart Maryam’s family?

Recently, Aria called Maryam at midnight with the news no mother wants to hear. “Mom, I’ll be executed in three days.

Since the beginning of his sentence years ago, Maryam had clung to God for answers. But as Aria told of his impending death, it was too much. She felt as though she had lost both of her sons. Crying out to God, she prayed, “Lord, my kids were Your gifts to me, so if my son would bring glory to Your name, then please set him free. If it is not your will, then I will still honor you for you are a just God.”

Twenty-four hours before Aria’s execution, something miraculous happened. The court pardoned Aria. Like the prodigal son, Aria returned a new man centered in Christ. And God returned a son to his mother.

Maryam’s experience is just one of many in which SAT-7 has been a part of their story. It is a story of rescuing families, of showing that God’s love overcomes all things. For, as Maryam told SAT-7, “People might not understand our pain, but God knows our hearts, so trust…Him.”

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