Requests for prayers from viewers inside Iran

As protests across Iran intensify, SAT-7 amplifies the voices of viewers inside Iran who are asking for prayer support.

SAT-7’s Persian language channel, SAT-7 PARS, is continuing to receive messages from viewers in Iran despite the internet blocks and restrictions on social media sites.

“Please pray for us; the situation is bad”, wrote one viewer as the protests intensified across the country following the death of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old Iranian woman who died on 16 September whilst in police custody.

“The messages are understandably muted, but we are here and ready to receive messages if they manage to get through from our viewers,” shared Ashraf Khalilpour, SAT-7 PARS’ Viewer Support Supervisor.

Despite the restrictions, the SAT-7 PARS team have continued to send weekly viewer support messages, which include audio teaching, worship songs, and prayers, via WhatsApp.

“Even if they are not all read now due to the restrictions,” said Ms Khalilpour, “when they finally are, our viewers will know we have not abandoned them. When some do get through, the response we get is ‘Thank you for thinking of us and continuing to pray for us.’”

As SAT-7 PARS continues to broadcast live on Instagram and satellite, the consistent message across all the programs is one of hope and encouragement during these very difficult days.

As events unfolded last week, Pastor Sotoudeh prayed on SAT-7’s Instagram Live program Sanctuary of the Heart for all involved.

“Father God, we thank You that we can trust You with every aspect of our lives, including in the current circumstances in Iran, which are full of turmoil and tragedy. Father, we pray for Your comfort for families who are in pain because of the loss of loved ones, like the family of Mahsa. We can never fully know and understand their pain, but we know that they are in pain. Grant them Your peace and comfort. We thank You that You are the living God, and that You hear our prayers and answer them because we ask these things in the dear name of Jesus, with thanksgiving.”

Please keep the people of Iran in your prayers.

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