After fleeing conflict in Syria, Maha and Samira now live with their husbands and children as refugees in Lebanon. Here they share some of their struggles as they bring their children up in uncertain times, and the hope they have finally found by experiencing God’s love.

My girls may not have material things, but they have hope in Jesus. That’s more important for me now.

In 2012, my husband and I had just married when a bomb destroyed our home. We escaped to Lebanon, along with my husband’s parents. We thought that we would soon return.

In Syria, we had an easy life without worries. Now, in Lebanon, everything is so different from my own country. After a year in Lebanon, I became pregnant with my first child. It was around that time I got to know the Lord, and he comforted me in my worries.

Now I am a mother of two girls, and it is challenging. I would like to dress them in nice dresses and buy them toys. I feel awful when they ask me: “Mum, can you buy this? Can I have that?” Sometimes I think: “In Syria, I would have been able to afford to give them what they want.” But then at the same time, I remember: “But then I wouldn’t have known the Lord.”

When my youngest girl watches SAT-7 and hears praise songs, she lifts up her hands, praising the Lord and dreaming of being a singer herself. It brings joy to my heart to see them in the Lord’s presence.

In the midst of conflict and challenge in the Middle East and North Africa region, SAT-7 continues to share God’s hope 24/7. 85 percent of the region has access to satellite television, even in the refugee camps. When you give to SAT-7, you help more people like Maha find eternal hope.


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In Lebanon I feel safe, because our lives are not in danger. But the situation is very difficult – no job, no money, and no family or friends to support us


I fled to Lebanon with my husband and two young daughters after war broke out in Syria. It was hard to leave my parents behind, but with all the turmoil around us my main thought was: “I need to save my children!”

Every mother’s dream is to see her children grow up and have an education. My main concern is that this will not happen for my daughters, who have been out of school now for two years. I often feel hopeless about not being able to provide my children with good shelter, food and education. Praise God, they have now been admitted into the church’s Learning Support Project.

The Resurrection Church has been helping us with vouchers for food and other supplies. I started to attend church and I loved hearing the Word of God. My husband saw the changes in me and became a believer too. Our kids now watch SAT-7 KIDS movies and cartoons, and we like to watch the SAT-7 ARABIC programs. Our many problems do not affect our relationship with God – I always feel that God is near.

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