Providing Light to the Blind

“…In this world you will have tribulations” (John 16:33). It is a verse we have all heard. And, considering recent global events, it is a wonder that there can ever be any other type of experience.

One of the directors for a SAT-7 Counseling Center, Rev Dr Hanna Yeshou, relates closely to the warnings of John 16:33 and its challenges…as well as its rewards. In an interview with Imed Dabbour on the SAT-7 program Forbidden, Hanna opened his heart by sharing his tribulations and faith. He offered a special note of encouragement to Christians and others in the midst of recent crises in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Hanna experienced the full power of John’s warning in John 16:33. At the age of three, Hanna contracted typhoid while living with his family in Lebanon. As a result, Hanna lost part of his eyesight and, in 1985, he lost his vision completely. Can you imagine the complications with suddenly becoming blind? The difficulties are enough to cripple anyone’s plans as well as their faith.

However, this challenge never prevented him from achieving God’s plans for his life.“Faith is to know that we don’t write the stories of our lives, but the mighty and holy hand of God writes it from beginning to end. Everything He wrote in my life and wants to write is great,” Hanna says. For what we sometimes forget is the second half of John 16:33 “…But take heart! I [Jesus] have overcome the world.”

Despite his tribulation, Hanna was able to accomplish much because of his faith in Jesus Christ. After leaving his home in Lebanon in the early eighties, God paved the way for Hanna to become a leader among refugees from the MENA region. God blessed Hanna by enabling him to earn his PhD in 2005 in Theology, as well as incredibly opening the door for him to become the leader of the Evangelical Arabic congregation in Germany.

Through his experiences, Hanna knows that anything can be accomplished when we give our entire heart to God. That includes finding peace in MENA. Hanna’s heart is with the Christians of the Arab world, many of whom experience unimaginable persecution. As Hanna described in his interview, there is a disconnect between Christians and other religious followers in the MENA.

Christians have left an unerasable impression on Arab society and culture. They are an integral part of Arab society. However, others in MENA are not aware of this. So, Christians isolate rather than share their love for all or flee to the West. Hanna says that Christians must show their love for all, especially people who do not embrace the Christian faith and that people in MENA must remove the misconception that Christians in the East are a non-existent part of society. By working together to overcome fears from the past, we can create a peaceful future.

As a partner of SAT-7, you support essential programs like Forbidden, which share news and events as well as testimonials with the MENA region from the perspective of Christian experts. You also support individuals like Hanna, who helps to keep our Counseling Centers running smoothly so that SAT-7 may accommodate increasing volumes of calls from viewers. Thank you for partnering with SAT-7 to not only bring hope to the MENA region but to also bring healing to those who call seeking guidance. Thank you!


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