Amid the turmoil and threats of persecution, SAT-7 is helping Syrian Christians take comfort in Jesus. The encouraging words of women from war-torn Aleppo, broadcast on SAT-7 ARABIC, helped show viewers, in similar situations, that God is with them.

Syria has become the most dangerous country in the world. For many, daily life has become blighted by violence, displacement, and need. For members of minority groups, including Christians, the threat from the so-called Islamic State (IS) and similar groups is significant. At a church event broadcast by SAT-7, church member Mona described the perils faced by countless Christians and the incredible faith of one believer, even when he was faced with death.

“A young man named Abdel used to attend services here. He was a quiet man but always praying,” Mona said. She explained that Abdel was a doctor who offered much-needed medical services for free after war broke out. “Soon enough,” Mona continued, “Daesh (IS) militants came to the city and captured him. They threatened to kill Abdel unless he denounced his faith, but he refused and was executed.”

Therese testified to God’s grace and protection

Despite the threats they face, Christians in Syria are turning to God and able to see His blessings. Another church attendee, Therese, described how God’s grace spared her and her family. One day in 2012, they had just left Therese’s home to visit her sister when bombs exploded nearby, killing thirteen people. Therese said:

“After walking along the street for only a few metres, we heard a terrifyingly loud explosion. We are no better than those who were killed, but because we still have a role here to witness to the goodness of our Lord, He is good and protects us. Each one of us has a role among her family, her friends, her neighbours, to witness to the Lord, His goodness and His eternal mercy.”


Another speaker, Maysaa, recalled the challenges faced by the Virgin Mary and how she continued to praise God and said, “My soul glorifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour.” Addressing the gathered believers, Maysaa said, “You also will praise the Lord and rejoice in Him despite your challenges.”

Maysaa encouraged struggling viewers

Well-known speaker Dr Yvette Elbayadi Isaac also encouraged the congregation and SAT-7’s viewers, saying:

“You have started an awakening in churches around the world, and the truth is being spoken. People around the world are praying for the Church in Aleppo and Syria. All that was stolen from Aleppo will be returned; not only the material things but also the people. The stolen joy and security will return.”

As well as broadcasting events like this one, which give hope to millions of viewers, SAT-7 cares for those affected by war with programs that provide practical help. These include My School, which provides alternative schooling for children whose education has been disrupted by war, and Your Doctor, which offers medical advice for refugees with no access to healthcare.

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