A prayer shared live on SAT-7 PARS’ program Signal created a powerful dialogue between the channel and its viewers, when hundreds of messages poured in as a response.

“Let these diseases and microscopic organisms that can destroy our bodies be replaced by harmony and peace, mercy and healing in our bodies,” prayed Reverend Keyvan in response to the pandemic that has impacted Iran worse than any other country in the Middle East and North Africa. The audience response to his five-minute prayer was one of overwhelming gratitude.

“We are grateful for the prayer you shared – truly these days we need prayer so that we can be strengthened. Really, what would we do if we didn’t have Jesus Christ?” shared one viewer named Lale.

“Thank you for your beautiful prayer,” shared Ramona, another SAT-7 PARS viewer. “Amen, the Lord is working – how I needed to hear this prayer. I am sorry I am unable to speak clearly, after hearing this prayer my tears won’t let me speak”.

“I am so grateful to you for your hard work – how I needed that prayer which brought me so much peace and blessing,” wrote Asal, another female viewer from Iran.

Currently, there are over 58,000 cases of the coronavirus in Iran, many people are worried and afraid. However, despite all the difficulties, the messages sent in response to Reverend Keyvan’s prayer are messages of hope.

“We are watching people who are in so much pain, anxiety and anger,” added Lale to her message of thanks. “My husband is a street vendor and currently has no work. We don’t even have any loose change. But we are living in faith and we have never been left in need, and we are praying for everyone else.”

“Oh Lord, there is this problematic coronavirus, but we can safely navigate it because we have You as our Lord,” prayed Shohreh a female viewer. “Heavenly Father open the gates of blessing for the people of the world, and especially those in Iran who need to experience kindness and compassion at this time”.

With Easter fast approaching, during his prayer Reverend Keyvan also brought viewers back to the message of the cross. “Lord help us keep Your word in our hearts. Let the cross of Christ be our example and we pray that we would pick up our cross during this time of Lent. May we draw closer to You every day and put aside our sins and worship You more”.

Reverend Keyvan is a regular guest on Signal and lives in the United Kingdom.

Although living in the United Kingdom, Reverend Keyvan’s message to his fellow Iranians was made possible through the aid of satellite television. Knowing that there are Christians beyond Iran who remember them, pray for them and bring them before God’s presence, is a huge encouragement to Iranian Christians who have to keep their faith a secret in Iran. Through programs like Signal, Christians in Iran are reminded that they are part of a much bigger Christian community and that they are not alone.

We thank you for your prayers and support for the work that the SAT-7 PARS team are continuing to do to bring hope to believers in Iran despite the challenges they face during this pandemic. Please pray for people in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, that as they remain in self-isolation in their homes, they will come across the SAT-7 PARS channel and be encouraged through the programs.

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