The Power of Prayer

Many Turkish viewers contact SAT-7 TÜRK’s Power of Prayer program with prayer requests. They also share testimonies of answered prayers, which are an incredible source of encouragement to the SAT-7 TÜRK staff.

Every day, SAT-7 TÜRK’s Audience Relations team receives calls and text messages from curious and interested viewers, who want to ask questions about Christianity or simply give feedback on the many live programs. However, some of the most exciting messages are from viewers who want to share what God has done in their lives.


One such testimony was shared by a regular viewer from Turkey, Cevdet, who called the Audience Relations team to tell them how their prayer for him had been answered.

“Thank you all very much for calling me back. The last time we talked, I had many troubles and problems. I asked you to pray for me, and we prayed together. When I was talking to you, I had serious back pains, but an hour later, they were gone!”


Not only does God perform miracles in SAT-7 TÜRK’s viewer’s lives, He uses these stories to fuel the energy, passion, and creativity in the staff as well.

“These are a huge blessing for us,” says Nora Isaoğlu, a member of the SAT-7 TÜRK staff, passionately.

“When we hear these testimonies, we understand, ‘Yes, God really is working everywhere.’ As a result, we can pray with more faith and conviction today.”


Things are, however, far from over for Cevdet. “I have some spiritual problems; I feel uneasy and like I am under the influence of evil spirits. In recent weeks though, I have started to feel much better, especially after you prayed for me. I thank God that He has answered my prayers so quickly.”

This is the beginning of Cevdet’s journey with God. He has now received a Bible and adds: “I believe that my life will be changed by reading it. Please continue praying for me.”

Pray for Cevdet and viewers like him in Turkey, as they recognise God’s work in their lives. Pray that they remain in touch with SAT-7 TÜRK staff so that they may be a source of support and comfort to one another. Pray with more faith and conviction today, as you too recognise that God is working everywhere.

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