Persian speaking children in Iran, Tajikistan, and even Turkey, have been calling Golpand to pray for the world and encourage one another during the ongoing pandemic. Continuing to broadcast live programs, SAT-7 PARS is helping Persian speakers remain connected even as they remain in isolation.

Persian children’s prayers echo the truth of the Gospel as they call in to the live broadcast of SAT-7 PARS children’s program Golpand (Golden Advice). Their hope and trust shines through as they speak to their Father in Heaven on air.

“O Holy and almighty God, we give You thanks for giving us so much time so we can worship you. Dear Father, we believe that the Lord lives and that You have risen from the dead. I pray for Iran, for Italy, for Spain and America and for all countries, that this virus will be eradicated. We pray that during these days of quarantine we will have revelations and some things will become clear for us. Dear Father, we pray that You will fill us with the Holy Spirit,” prayed Yahya, a young Iranian boy now living in Turkey.

“We get many calls on our program from children inside and outside of Iran, and many of them ask to pray on air,” shares Mariam, one of the Presenters of Golpand. “When I hear a child praying to our Heavenly Father, my heart melts and I feel so emotional. The way they pray for Iran that it may become free, about SAT-7, and the things they ask of God, it makes me wonder how these kids are praying like adults.”

One such viewer was Ramten, a young boy in Iran, who prayed; “Jesus was crucified for us and He took our sins upon Himself and rose again after three days. Oh Mighty God, Lord Jesus Christ, I pray because we are in need of Your blessing as are people in Iran and in other countries; destroy this coronavirus by Your blessing and grant Your glory and blessing to all. In the holy name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

Baran, a young girl in Iran also called in to the live show and shared the following prayer:

“Every day in quarantine I pray that no one in Iran or in the world will be sad, that none of us will shed tears, and if we do, that they will be tears of joy. Let us pray that no one will lose hope in life and if someone does lose hope, that God will give them hope and another chance, like these people who are sick and have the coronavirus. I pray that God will answer my prayers according to His will.”

“These children made my connection with God stronger, because as they are learning from our program, we are also learning from them. ” – Presenter Miriam

During the coronavirus pandemic, Mariam has observed a spiritual growth among her viewers. “I can say that our viewers have become more faithful to God with everything that is happening,” she reflects. “They pray more, spend more time with God, and they believe that the only one who can do miracles is God.”

Glorifying God and giving thanks during these times of darkness, the children’s prayers and messages are full of encouragement for one another.

“Hello dear auntie and all the lovely children at home,” prayed one young boy in Iran, addressing Golpand Presenter Mariam and viewers. “Wherever in the world you are, may you be healthy, well, happy, and full of energy. I pray that the Lord will take away this plague that has come to the world, and that all the people of the world will be safe from the coronavirus. I pray wherever you are in the world, that you remember the Lord. God be with you and protect you. I love you all.”

Jaleh, a girl from Tajikistan also shared this practical encouragement with her peers on a recent episode of the program, “I want to say to the children who are at home during the quarantine period, to stay at home and remember when we go out to make sure we keep our distance, and I love you all very much.

SAT-7 PARS’ program Golpand, teaches young Persian speaking children core biblical messages through games, stories, skits, and educational segments, supporting them in their daily lives and faith. However, the relationship that has developed between the presenters of the program and the children is a two-way street. “Words cannot describe the feeling I have for these children, and how much energy they give me every time I hear their voices,” Mariam explains. “These children made my connection with God stronger, because as they are learning from our program, we are also learning from them. The effort they make every week to call us and talk to us about our subjects is amazing. I thank all of you, our supporters and SAT-7, for giving me the chance to meet all these children!”


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