In 2005, an Iranian animated series for children promoted suicide attacks. Today, less than one percent of programs on Iranian State television are for children. In response, SAT-7 is leading the way in producing much-needed programs for Persian-speaking children with positive role models and messages.

Television programs may not improve the physical conditions children grow up in, however positive media has the potential to instil positive values, present good role models, educate children on their rights, and encourage them to change the future.

SAT-7’s program Golpand, translated as Golden Advice, is teaching children Biblical messages and values through fun dramas, lovable characters, and interactive games. Mariam Rasouli, a presenter on Golpand, has witnessed the positive impact the show has on young viewers.

On the jungle themed set of Persian-speaking children’s program, Golpand, which translates as ‘golden advice’.

“One girl from Iran called our live show to tell us that she had learned from us and that it had made her faith in Jesus stronger. I would never expect that these children would learn so much from our program! It motivates me to teach them even more.”

Golpand Presenter Mariam Rosouli is encouraged by the growing faith of the Persian-speaking children watching the show.

Today, for World Children’s Day, Golpand will focus on Luke 18:16: “But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” This verse reinforces the core message of the show, teaching children that they are unconditionally valued and loved by God.

Children often call in to the live show, eager to pray for others. At a young age they are learning to take their problems to God in prayer and to hope in Him.

One young viewer prayed: “Let us pray that no one will be in sorrow, but anyone who despairs, may God Himself speak or send a good word to guide them. Let us pray that no one’s heart will be filled with concern and that hearts will instead be filled with love and joy. Let us pray that where there is hopelessness God will send renewed hope.”

Many Persian speaking children in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan are growing up in poverty, have experienced war and conflict, or have been displaced and are growing up in foreign countries as refugees. It is into this context that SAT-7 is broadcasting a message of God’s love, encouraging the next generation to hold onto hope and faith.

In countries where state television is censored, and Christian television programs are non-existent, SAT-7 broadcasts on uncensored satellite television channels; this provides a unique opportunity to share God’s love with young Persians. Christian and non-Christian parents alike are thankful that SAT-7 provides clean and positive programs that their children engage with. One parent from Tajikistan wrote to say:

“Your programs help us and our children to be encouraged, and you are helping the children to learn to do good things. I give thanks to God for each and every one of you dear ones in SAT-7.”

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