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SAT-7 not only wants to inform and educate Christians about theology, doctrine, and history: the channel also aims to make believers aware of current issues within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) today.

As ongoing tension, violence, displacement across the region continue to fuel a culture of intolerance, fundamental rights of society are also being ignored. Healthcare remains expensive, women’s rights are often overlooked, disability is considered taboo, and the result of positive Christian influence in society mostly are unheard.

By producing programs dedicated to cultural and arts events, health matters, disability awareness, and current affairs, SAT-7  encourages viewers to be active in their communities in practical ways. Social impact programming is part of the organisation’s core mission to provide holistic ministry to the MENA’s people.

Bridges (SAT-7 ARABIC)

An Arabic-language weekly current affairs program that has broadcasted live via satellite throughout the MENA region since 2013. Bridges aims to give voice to members of Arab society that are not often given such voice and to create a forum for open and free discussion.

My School (SAT-7 KIDS)

An “on-air-school” since 2015 which provides complementary education to children who are beyond the reach and capacity of overburdened states and aid agencies with the goal of both preparing young viewers for integration into physical schools in future, either in their host or home country, and assisting students attending formal education.

Hope for Tomorrow (SAT-7 ARABIC)

Shows stories of women who were victims of different aspects of violence, whether sexual, physical or other acts of discrimination and how they sought help. The program ran from 2015 to 2016, aiming to empower women and female viewers of the show to stand up for their rights while offering practical advice on how to avoid situations that might leave the women in danger and being harassed.

Needle and Thread (SAT-7 ARABIC)

A live current affairs show since 2015 exploring personal issues and challenges which women and girls experience in their society. The program seeks to be a threshold to a new world of freedom and imagination for women. It provides affirmation, validation, and encouragement in the environment, where single women not only deal with restrictions from their families, community and society but also face a huge social stigma.  The new concept (Season 05) of Needle and Thread seeks to empower every woman to make active decisions and choices to live their life in full.

Router (SAT-7 KIDS)

A sitcom which aired in 2016 and explored the digitally obsessed lives of its six protagonists and the funny situations they get into. The program’s aim was to highlight how many teens today have easier access to technology than any other generation and urges viewers, through a series of comical storylines, to consider the negative impacts digital obsession can have on our lives.

DokDok’s Family (SAT-7 KIDS)

Has run since 2016 and follows the exploits of a teenage inventor who in each episode takes viewers on a journey filled with valuable life-lessons and aims to encourage young viewers to use their talents and abilities to help others and bring happiness into their lives.

Fun Farm (SAT-7 KIDS)

Fun Farm introduces kids to daily work on the farm, morning and evening routines. It encourages children to do sports activities. The farmer will help kids learn about animals and plants, while a specialised presenter will teach kids about healthy nutrition and cooking. The “Go Green” segment opens their minds to environmental issues. Numbers and letters are introduced to children through reports. A handicraft segment teaches creative art work, as kids email their work and come to the studio to talk about their talents.

Egyptopia (SAT-7 KIDS)

A program since 2015 where different kids from different backgrounds are gathering in a camp and, in each episode, they learn about the main principles that hold a community together to build their city. In each episode, a well-known expert is interviewed to comment on the principle presented, while there are also interviews with the kids and their trainers. Series 2 presents the different topics in creative animations this time.

Your Doctor (SAT-7 ARABIC)

Displaced from their homes and often unable to access healthcare, refugees are especially vulnerable to an array of physical and mental health problems. Your Doctor helps them find healing through a series of short medical information segments. The program is presented by Dr Hany Keylada, an expert on refugee issues who has served on the medical front line in war-torn Syria and Iraq. In each bite-size episode of Your Doctor, Dr Keylada teaches viewers the basics of how to identify and treat certain conditions. He presents information on first aid and dealing with emergency healthcare needs, as well as educating refugees on disease prevention and protection. The segments are also covering mental health issues and a range of medical topics that impact people’s everyday lives, such as blood pressure and cholesterol, the respiratory system and the digestive system.

Obstacle Overcomers (SAT-7 TURK)

Genetic disorders, physical impairments, and mental illness remain controversial and taboo subjects in Turkey. Obstacle Overcomers brings these issues into the open, educating viewers and challenging discrimination, stereotypes, and negative perceptions of disability. Programming Manager Cuneyt Arıkan says the program is intended to create awareness, and encourage viewers to ask the right questions and highlight where there is a lack of support for people with disabilities. The program will also encourage individuals who care for family members and friends with disabilities.

Guest Room (SAT-7 TÜRK)

This magazine-style program explores the prevailing culture in Turkey and its effect on Christians and Christianity. The show raises awareness of current cultural issues in Turkey through conversations with church leaders and experts. Presenter Soner Tufan hosts both Christian and secular guests at the studio in Ankara, including NGO representatives, writers, journalists, and, academics. This program will continue in second half of 2017, with 52 new episodes and new set décor. Topics will include the fight against drugs and parenting advice, and the refugee crisis, in Turkey. Viewers will learn about how refugee children struggle to get an education, the legal issues refugees face, and how they can help refugees.

The Doctor Is In (SAT-7 TURK)

In Turkey, medical treatment is expensive. Many people are therefore interested in learning how they can take preventative measures and handle basic health issues. Hosted by İlknur Bay Firat and Dr Şahin Ünal, The Doctor Is Here covers a range of health topics using a discussion format. Dr Şahin, who is an experienced practitioner, gives viewers simple yet effective advice. The hosts raise questions that people in Turkey are often curious about, such as, “Does stress have an effect on cancer treatment?”, or, “What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?” One episode raised awareness about first aid since most people in Turkey do not have the chance to learn these skills through courses.


SAT-7 TÜRK News is a vital, encouraging lifeline for isolated Turkish-speaking believers. In the live weekly program, the news anchor presents stories relevant to Christians. For example, the program has covered special Easter celebrations and news of vandalism against a church in Samsun, in the Black Sea region. The program also highlights prayer conferences and events around the country, such as the annual Cappadocia conference. SAT-7 TÜRK News helps viewers feel part of a connected Christian community with a voice in the public sphere. The SAT-7 TÜRK team receives very positive feedback for this program, especially from churches, whose members are very encouraged to hear about the activities of other church communities around Turkey. The channel hopes to further develop its dedicated news department in order to produce this show on a daily basis.