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SAT-7 TÜRK broadcasts to the people of Türkiye and many more Turkish-speakers across Europe and Central Asia.

SAT-7 TÜRK is an amazing, unprecedented opportunity for Christians in Türkiye to broadcast God’s love to others in their country. It is the first and only Christian channel to be allowed to broadcast on the government-regulated satellite Türksat, which has an audience of 50 million in Türkiye, as well as viewers in Europe and Central Asia.

There is something for everyone on SAT-7 TÜRK, with programs for children, youth, and women shown regularly alongside live broadcasts and teaching programs that support local Christians.

Since 2006, SAT-7 TÜRK has been a vital Christian voice in a country where the small minority of believers can find it difficult to share their faith. The channel is astonishingly well-received, with viewers of all backgrounds responding positively since its Türksat launch in early 2015.


  • Broadcasts from Türksat 4A at 42 degrees East, 12.264 GHz Vertical,
    covering Türkiye, Europe, and Central Asia.
  • Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Audience includes Turkish speaking people in Türkiye, Europe, and Central Asia.
  • Launched on 1 January 2015 (however, Turkish programming was regularly broadcast on other SAT-7 channels since 10 January 2006).
  • Office/studios are located in Istanbul, Türkiye.

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“I started watching SAT-7 TÜRK when it was called TÜRK-7 and was broadcasting on SAT-7 PARS for two hours in the morning and the evening. I liked the sermon programs and the kids’ programs, even though I didn't have kids back then. Since it changed to SAT-7 TÜRK three years ago, there are more shows and the quality has got better. I really like the live broadcasting and the worship music as well as the other shows. And now I watch the kids’ programs with my son. I like SAT-7 TÜRK because as a Christian I like watching programming that I can take ownership of. There is a show on this channel for everyone. No one will ever get bored watching SAT-7 TÜRK.”

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