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Our Program Policy

SAT-7’s program policy allows us to work with all denominations, presenting the core messages of Christianity in a way that all churches can agree upon. SAT-7 consistently presents a positive picture of the Christian faith to its viewers.

The ethos of SAT-7, as reflected in our program policies, consists of the following principles:

  • SAT-7 broadcasts seek to educate, inform, inspire, and motivate.
  • SAT-7 programming is culturally, politically, and religiously sensitive.
  • SAT-7 uses indigenous languages.
  • SAT-7 programming is designed to be holistic, addressing spiritual, physical, social, psychological, economic, moral, and ethical needs or issues.
  • SAT-7 avoids criticism of other churches, or ethnic, or religious groups.
  • SAT-7 programming seeks to reflect all Christian beliefs and practices.
  • SAT-7 seeks to show the unity in Christianity, with all its diversity.
  • SAT-7 seeks to help different denominations better understand one another.
  • SAT-7 programming seeks to dispel negative stereotypes that non-Christians have of Christians, the Church and Christ.
  • SAT-7 seeks to give “legitimacy” to Christian minorities in areas of the world where they have none.
  • SAT-7 will not use coercive methods to change people.
  • SAT-7 will not promote any political party or ideology.
  • SAT-7 encourages the defence of peace, human rights, justice, and social and economic development.
  • SAT-7 does not sell airtime to other ministries.