Three years ago, SAT-7 KIDS met a young Iraqi refugee with a radical message of forgiveness. As Myriam’s words have travelled across the world, touching millions of lives, her own journey of faith has continued.

“Myriam’s words have been ringing in my ears every day for three years,” says Essam Nagy. For the Presenter, interviewing Myriam in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, is the highlight of his time with SAT-7 KIDS.

On that day in 2014, Nagy asked Myriam how she felt about the so-called Islamic State fighters who seized Qaraqosh, her hometown, forcing her family and many others to flee for their lives. The ten-year-old responded saying, “I will only ask God to forgive them,” adding that she forgave them herself. She later sang a beautiful worship song.


SAT-7’s video of Myriam’s interview went viral, reaching at least 2.5 million people and making international headlines. Many viewers have responded to her message. One SAT-7 supporter in the USA wrote, “Myriam is a source of inspiration, and I hope one day she knows the impact her unshakeable faith has had.”

Myriam shared three prayers: to see her words reach around the world; to return to school; and to be reunited with her best friend Sandra. God has worked powerfully to answer all three. In 2015, SAT-7 KIDS brought Myriam and Sandra together via video chat on the program Let’s Sing Together. When the channel paid Myriam a surprise visit later that year, Sandra’s family had joined Myriam’s in Erbil and the two girls were attending school together.


Myriam last appeared on SAT-7 KIDS during the liberation of the Nineveh plains, in late 2016. Although the family was excited by the prospect of going home, Myriam’s father Waleed said, “Peace isn’t in a house or a land. Even under fire, you can have the peace of Jesus… When you love Jesus, no-one can conquer you.”

Myriam and other Middle Eastern Christians have shown amazing faith and forgiveness despite all they have endured. As Nagy says, “People are the true Church. Iraqi refugees are a good example – their church buildings have been bombed, but the Church is alive inside them and through them.”

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