A new series of teaching programs called H2O is scheduled to air on SAT-7 ARABIC. The show will be based on a theological curriculum, with six different themes:

  • Building a christian family
  • Effective Christian leadership
  • Church planting
  • God and my relationship with Him
  • Following Jesus and growing with God
  • The life and teachings of Jesus Christ

Producer John Adly believes that, just as water isessential for our physical life, so is theological teachingnecessary for spiritual growth. The show’s objective isto present Christian teaching in a simple and creativeway, to be better understood by viewers of all backgrounds.

“During production, I bore in mind that the programwould also be presented on social media, for younger viewers who mainly use tablets and phones, so it would need to be short and engaging,” explains Adly.

H2O is a part of the channel’s TEACH (Theological Education for Arab Christians at Home) programs.


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