The popular SAT-7 KIDS show Bedtime Stories with Rita, featuring much-loved presenter Rita Elmounayer, returns with a new series this November after a five-year break.

Thirteen new storybooks, which teach children Christian values such as being truthful, being kind to others and not stealing, have been written especially for the series. One thousand copies of each book will be printed, and the 13,000 copies will be sent out to children who call into the program.

During the 10-minute show, Rita reads a Bible story to the young viewers and prays with them. The show is loved by children and parents alike, with many mothers and fathers contacting SAT-7 KIDS to share how their children have benefitted from watching. One viewer, a mother-of-two from Jordan, said:

“This episode of Bedtime Stories was so beautiful! I looked at my son, and he was smiling while he was watching Rita telling the story. I will switch on the program every night for my son to watch because with you, my children really are safe.”


In some cases, children who are watching Bedtime Stories are even sharing what they have learned with their parents, witnessing to them about Christ’s love. One little girl told her mother that she did not want to go to bed until she had prayed in Jesus’ Name, “like Rita”

Rita believes the show can change the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region for the better by encouraging individual young people. “If I can give hope to one child I feel so happy,” she said. “But I want to do more than this; I want to change children’s lives. I really, really believe that some of these children will grow up to be leaders who will change the face of their countries. Why? Because they were exposed to Christian television and now, have a personal relationship with God.”


Rita, who is SAT-7’s Chief Channels and Communications Officer as well as a popular children’s presenter, has been working for SAT-7 since the network’s very beginnings 20 years ago. Back then, she was working in radio when SAT-7 approached her. They were looking for media professionals in the Middle East who were also committed Christians and thought she would be perfect for children’s television.

Rita knew that God was calling her to the work, but she was also scared, wondering if she really had all the skills she would need. She prayed and felt God telling her, “I do not need your skills. All I want is to love these children, and I just need you to love them too, to be a channel for my love.” She began working for SAT-7 just a few weeks later. Her first program was an instant hit, and she has been inspiring young people in the MENA ever since.

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