Since its launch in March 2015, SAT-7KIDS’ My School has been addressingthe educational needs of displaced and underprivileged children. In response to the traumas and issues that viewers may be facing, and following consultation with experts, four unique new segments have been added to the upcoming third season.

To help the program meet the levels that the team is aiming for, the upcoming season will feature teachers and professionalsboth new and familiar to viewers. SAT-7 KIDS is committed to sustaining a strong relationship with its viewers with season three of My School, scheduled to begin airing in March 2017.

The new segments are comprised of:

  • an interactive figure-drawing segment called I Can Draw
  • a lifestyle segment entitled Nour’s Diary
  • a therapeutic storytelling segment called My Story
  • Oops, an entertaining five-minute science experiment segment.
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