Sunlight Moonlight is currently the one of the few Christian live show reaching children in Iran with biblical principles and the message of Jesus.


According to the latest demographic statistics in late 2016, children between 0-14 make up almost the 24 percent of the Iranian population. It is a significant number that will ultimately come to form and shape the future of Iran.

Hence, the values that children are taught play a critical role in equipping the next generation. In a country like Iran where satellite TV is increasingly common, media can be a valuable resource for educating and teaching the right principles to children of different ages. Sadly, there is a limited number of Christian programs available to young audiences.


In response to this need, SAT-7 PARS’ new series Sunlight Moonlight aims to teach children stories from the Bible and Christian values in a fun and engaging way.

Taking inspiration from the previously successful children’s show Smile, Shahin Kashiloo’s program is a 90-minute-long live show full of music, dancing, and games. Filmed in the new Limassol, Cyprus studio, equipped with a larger and more elaborate set, the show allows for more interaction and new imaginative characters. Joining host Majid Akhavan is 95, a puppet from a far-away planet. Two robots from the future complete the cast, called Sunlight and Moonlight. Their faulty travelling machine only takes them to the past, and this is how they happen upon Majid and 95. Together, they run a car garage where they serve people and talk about the importance of friendship, love, and respect.


“We encourage children indirectly with Christian ethics,” says Shahin. “Rather than telling them what is right and wrong, our program’s characters show the importance of the values taught in the Bible.” Children are invited to call in and participate in the games or quizzes related to the episode’s Bible stories.

“We believe that our show is a key to the family home,” says Majid.

“One of the most touching messages I have received was from Paniz, an 11-year-old girl who had a prayer request. She wanted us to pray for her parents who are divorced. She wants them to be brought back together and to be a family again. She said: ‘You have told us in your program that Jesus Christ loves all children, please pray that parents also love children more.’ Many parents who watch the show with their kids and have contacted us to thank us and say that they were introduced to the SAT-7 PARS channel through Sunlight Moonlight.”

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