SAT-7’s channel for Turkish-speaking viewers is now available to 4-5 million people via a private subscription television service.

SAT-7 TÜRK, which became the first Christian channel on Turkey’s national satellite, Türksat, at the beginning of 2015, is now also available on D-Smart. The digital subscription service broadcasts its own channels, with SAT-7 TÜRK becoming the 157th in its listings.

Broadcasting Manager Gökhan Talas says, “This is an important new step for SAT-7 TÜRK. It continues to be a miracle that our channel can broadcast. These are difficult days for our country, but this is one of the reasons we are here and serving the people. God is working.”

Hope in the face of fear
It was a historic step when SAT-7 TÜRK was granted permission to broadcast on Türksat, which has an audience of around 50 million. Being on D-Smart is another step forward for SAT-7’s newest channel. It comes amidst heightened anxieties in Turkey following the failed coup by members of the military on 15 July.

In response to the current situation in Turkey, a SAT-7 TÜRK spokesperson says:

“The beauty and mysteriousness of God give us hope and joy. There is a reason why SAT-7 TÜRK is here. There are no other channels on Türksat that speak of the hope we have. No-one else talks about love and joy. Other channels show tension and violence, which spreads fear. We are the only alternative.”


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