Since its launch in March 2015, SAT‑7 KIDS’ My School has been addressing the educational needs of displaced and underprivileged children. Alongside core subjects of Maths, Arabic, English and Science, four new segments have been added to the upcoming third season:

an interactive figure-drawing segment called ‘I Can Draw’;

– a lifestyle segment entitled ‘Nour’s Diary’;

– a therapeutic storytelling segment called ‘My Story’; and

– Oops’ – an entertaining five-minute science experiment segment.

Miss Shams, a maths teacher and presenter of My School, explains the impact that the programme is having on children. “Everywhere I go I meet Syrian, Egyptian, Lebanese, Iraqi kids. They say, “Hey you’re the maths teacher!”,” she comments. “Once I met a woman whose son is 12 years old and very sick; he couldn’t go to school but since he has been watching My School at home she said it’s as if he’s going to school.”

A mother from Egypt emailed SAT‑7 to share how watching My School has helped her son: “Watching a couple of episodes has made him learn a lot to the point that the school teachers were astonished by his intelligence upon taking his placement test despite his young age. What made them more surprised is when I told them that this success was due to the wonderful My School programme on SAT‑7 KIDS!”


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