Cultural and religious practices in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) leave many women and girls in the region feeling worthless. But SAT-7 programs like My Mirror, and encouragement from the Viewer Support team, are helping Arab women to see just how valuable they are in God’s eyes.

Wakeela, a young woman from Egypt, reached out to SAT-7 with a heartfelt testimony about her struggles with self-worth and the lack of love and acceptance she has received from her parents because of her gender. “My problem is that I am a girl,” her first message began. “My mother and father never treat me well, in contrast to my younger brothers, but my brothers love me, and I love them a lot. But my mother and father do not love me because I am a girl; they never wanted girls, and they wish that I was a boy. I am just sad that I do not know how to make them love me as much as I love them.”

SAT-7’s Viewer Support team listened attentively to Wakeela, allowing her to express her emotions. After some gentle conversation, our team began to offer practical advice to help Wakeela reshape her self-image. They emphasised her inherent worth in God’s eyes and reminded her of His unconditional love. They also shared an episode of My Mirror about the high value that God places on each of us.

My Mirror challenged Wakeela’s negative beliefs and helped her to consider her positive qualities and blessings in life, and she thanked the Viewer Support team profusely: “Your words comforted me a lot and made me think of many good things about myself and good things in my life. Thank you for your time and trust, and thank you for your prayers.”

My Mirror

My Mirror speaks directly to the hearts of women who are struggling with their identity and relationships. The program consists of short, heartfelt messages from presenter Marianne Awaraji, spoken to camera. The presentation is like a one-to-one conversation in a safe and homely environment.

Originally shared on the SAT-7 Woman Facebook page, the episodes are now available on streaming platform SAT-7 PLUS, and they are also being used by the Viewer Support team, who send certain episodes to female viewers with whom they are already in conversation about particular issues.

My Mirror explores a range of important topics designed to help Arab women in their lives and relationships. Episodes include “Distorting the value of housewives”, “Comparing myself to others”, “Reviving a marriage”, and “Social media addiction.”

Marianne Awaraji, presenter of My Mirror 


Ramona is another viewer whose self-esteem was very low when she contacted us. Having lived through extremely difficult circumstances, including the death of her husband, Ramona was running  into problems with the people around her, particularly her new partner. “He’s caused me to lose my self-confidence,” she said. “But I don’t feel safe away from him, and I don’t want to be alone.”

As well as listening to and encouraging her, our team sent Ramona a link to the Bible and an episode of My Mirror that deals with suspicions about your partner’s behaviour. A few days later, Ramona said, “I watched the program and realised that doubt finds its roots in old betrayals. I learned that it’s crucial to rely wholly on God to give us rest. I will draw closer to God in prayer. Thank you for your support. I needed it!”

Please pray with us that many more Arab women, like Wakeela and Ramona, will learn to see themselves through God’s eyes as they watch SAT-7 programs such as My Mirror.

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