Praise and worship singer Joumana Mdawar talks to SAT-7 about her faith and walk with Jesus, what Easter means to her, and her performance at SAT-7’s Easter concert “Crown on Your Head”.

“Easter is the passion of Christ, and we are living it,” Joumana Mdawar tells SAT-7 Communications Director Mette Swartz after her performance for the “Crown on Your Head” concert.

The concert was organised and filmed by SAT-7 in Lebanon on 3 April 2017 at the Antonine Sisters Theatre, Beirut. The event included traditional solemn hymns centred on Christ’s suffering, while video depictions of the crucifixion were projected on a background screen.


During the interview, Joumana spoke about Jesus’ suffering and how she relates it to her own suffering as a cancer survivor.

“Pain and suffering is not just for Jesus,” Joumana says. “We are living it with Jesus, not only this week – the Easter week – but in many things we face, all the days of our lives. However, we know that if we faithfully continue to walk His way, we will go to glory, to be with Him.”


Joumana Mdawar was always a dedicated Christian, growing up in a Catholic Christian family. Even though she grew up in a Christian environment, she says, “My life as a Christian is not out of habit. Believe me; it is a joy! It’s like the need to eat, or the need to breathe.”

The famous singer has been singing all her life. However, it was after a feature film in 2001 that she became well known and her career as a singer took off.

“After that [film], people kept asking for more and we gave it to them, and they continue to ask for more, and it just keeps on growing.”

The concert ended with a song about the resurrection. Sung by Joumana, the message was that, through all suffering, Jesus is the one to lead us to joy and the glory of eternal life. The concert is scheduled to air on SAT-7 ARABIC on Good Friday, 14 April.

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